Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Passport Tour

Complete your Kentucky Bourbon Trail passport and get the prized tee-shirt (or other official fulfillment awards) in one visit to Kentucky. (Starting June 1st 2018 O.Z. Tyler will be joining the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. Due to the distillery’s location in Owensboro, we will not be visiting it due to the distance involved. You will have to schedule this one on your own if you would like to complete the new Kentucky Bourbon Trail Passport.) Also if you take the tours with Central Kentucky Tours, all paid guest receive a Kentucky Bourbon Trail Glass courtesy of Central Kentucky Tours. $375 per guest, with 6 guest minimum to do the tour (we will put couple together to reach the 6 person minimum, with pick up only at Beaumont Inn couples). Included in the price will be all distillery admissions, transportation and your free glass-lunch is not included on any of the days. Custom pickups are available in Central Kentucky and Louisville. Be sure and check lodging at Beaumont Inn.

See below for tour schedules; however the schedule could be altered due to distillery availability on certain days, days of week you select to do the tours and your lodging. This is an action packed schedule to complete your Kentucky Bourbon Trail Passport.

A great add on to your schedule, would be an ultra premium tasting of many hard to get bourbons, with Dixon Dedman at The Old Owl Tavern. Give Dixon a call to schedule.

Send Bruce an e-mail to or give us a call at 859-492-3413 to schedule.
Terms & Conditions

Day 1:
Makers Mark Distillery
Heaven Hill
Jim Beam Stillhouse
Maybe quick visits to some craft distilleries if time allows or the Cooperage.
Day 2:
Angel's Envy
Bulleit Frontier Experience
Evan Williams Experience
Maybe quick visit to craft distilleries if time allows
Day 3:
Four Roses
Wild Turkey
Woodford Reserve
Town Branch